Treatment Options

If your child has been diagnosed with dental decay, there are treatment options. Dental treatment can be a difficult task in children. Those under the age of six are often more apprehensive and less cooperative. Below are various methods to treat your child's dental needs.

If you choose not to treat your child's teeth, there may be an increased risk of nerve damage, infection, pain, loss of teeth, and orthodontic problems from early loss of teeth. 

We will discuss with you the various treatment options and which method is most appropriate for your child.

Treatment with Nitrous Oxide Analgesia and Local Anesthesia

Nitrous oxide or "happy gas" is administered by breathing though the nose to help your child relax during the dental procedure. 

Local anesthesia is administered by injection to make sure your child has no discomfort when the dental treatment is performed.

Treatment with Nitrous Oxide Analgesia, Local Anesthesia, and Oral Sedation

In addition to nitrous oxide and local anesthesia, a sedative agent may be administered. The sedative agent does not "put your child to sleep".  

Your child is more relaxed than with nitrous oxide alone. Oral sedation is most often used in children under the age of four, as they are generally more anxious about dental treatment.

Treatment with General Anesthesia

General anesthesia may be suggested to you when the other methods have not been successful and/or your child is young and requires a large amount of dental treatment.

To minimize risk, general anesthesia is administered ONLY in a hospital by an anesthesiologist. Your child will be "asleep" or under general anesthesia for the dental procedure.

Read about Hospital Dentistry for more information.

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