Silver Diamine Fluoride (Sdf)


"Cavity Fighting Liquid"

what is Sdf?

SDF is a liquid medication applied to the tooth with the goal of stopping the progression of cavities.

After it is applied to the tooth with a brush, healthy areas remain unaffected while areas of decay turn black and may prevent cavity growth. 

why use sdf?

SDF may:

  1. stop the growth of cavities 

  2. relieve tooth sensitivity 

Because neither sedation nor 'numbing' is needed, SDF may be a good option for patients who are young or fearful.

Remember, SDF is not a replacement for good oral care at home or annual dental check ups.

be advised that

  • after the application of SDF, teeth with cavities will stain black permanently

  • SDF may temporarily stain skin and gums, but will fade in 1-3 weeks

  • application of SDF may yield a bitter/metallic taste

  • follow up will be required and reapplication may be recommended

  • the purpose of SDF is to pave the way for future restorative treatment

  • SDF treatment is not usually covered by dental insurance 

  • SDF can not be used on a patient with a silver allergy 

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