Home Care Following An Extraction

When a tooth and its roots are removed, it leaves a small opening in the gum tissue. We do not usually place sutures (stitches) in these openings. The body naturally heals this area by forming a blood clot to seal the opening. It is very important that this blood clot is not disturbed for approximately 48 hours to promote the development of new gum tissue inside the new opening.

Do not use straws for 48 hours.


Do not swish with water, mouthwash or oral rinses for 48 hours.


Brush the teeth normally, but avoid the empty space for a few days.


We recommend the use of Tylenol if medication is necessary. Please follow dosage directions on product packaging.

Avoid taking Ibuprofen products, because they may increase bleeding.


Your child may return to normal activities and school the same day, unless otherwise instructed by our office.

Instructions to follow at home

our office if you encounter any problems or have any concerns. We are always happy to hear from you.            

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